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Sasu Ana Elena - painter

Sasu Ana Elena

Romanian artist established since December 2015 in Varese, she comes from an artistic training deriving from having attended the State Artistic High School and the University of Art  in her native Romania, earning a degree with a professional certificate in the subjects of monumental and glass painting.


From a very young age she began to try her hand at the monumental restoration of frescoes in churches in the neo-Byzantine style, then completing herself simultaneously with the practice carried out in the furniture restoration ateliers.


She then has an artistic and cultural experience in Egypt where as a freelance she carries out a series of works in particular for glass decorations but also for restorations and planning and realization of arrangements for events in various hotels especially in the city of Hurgada.

You continue your artistic career in Romania with several exhibitions in particular in the city of Brasov at the Opera, the military and aeronautical academies and in other public and private spaces.

In the meantime, she also begins teaching various artistic techniques in primary schools with art workshops for children, which she will continue to do once she arrives in Italy.


She is called to represent Romania at the "Foire du Lure" in France, also obtaining numerous awards in this area.

Arrived in Italy four years ago, she settled in Bobbio, a city of art in the Val Trebbia of Piacenza, where in a short time she was able to be appreciated with the restoration work on religious spaces (the sanctuary of the "Madonnina dell'Aiuto") and continuing the own business of painting and artistic restoration of furniture.

Also in Bobbio she holds a personal exhibition in the city museum and becomes a founding member of the "ArTre" association which collects the best artistic expressions of the valley.
In particular, it stands out for the creation of the icon of San Colombano, patron saint of the city of Bobbio and candidate to become one of the patron saints of Europe, an icon awarded and celebrated by the religious authorities and kept in the Cathedral of Bobbio, destined to become the of the young pilgrims of Europe.
With the "ArTre" association, he exhibits his works in a series of group exhibitions in the Piacenza area from the capital to Rivergaro, where he successfully participates in the "Diara" art competition, Ottone,  Grazzano Visconti,  Brugnello di Corte Brugnatella, Cergniale, and obviously Bobbio.
Of note is one of her works exhibited in the church of San Sepolcro in Piacenza.
Arrived in Varese she joined the "Artistiinmovimento" association with which she created a series of collective exhibitions in Gavirate, Villa Cicogna, San Fermo di Varese, Porto Ceresio, inaugurating her artistic life in Varese with an exhibition dedicated to the figure of “Woman in Art”.
In April 2016, you also won the first prize in an art competition organized and sponsored by the Romanian Consulate in Milan.
Other interested personal exhibitions followed among which we highlight the one at the JRC of Ispra, therefore before a multinational public, entitled "TRASPARENZE" dedicated entirely to painting on glass.
From 2019 he joined the important group of "Free Artists of the Province of Varese" with whom he has ongoing group exhibitions in the "Camponovo" location of the Sacro Monte di Varese, at the Parisi museum in Maccagno, at Villa Pomini in Castellanza, at the Civic Museum of the Castle of Masnago.
She also collaborates with art galleries in Reggio Emilia and Pietrasanta, where her works are exhibited.
By virtue of her training in sacred and monumental art, Ana undertakes numerous collaborations with sacred art shops and becomes the "official painter" of the Sanctuary of Santa Maria del Monte where she creates a series of art objects in agreement with the parish authorities collectible.
She also follows the restoration work of the frescoes of liberty villas in Induno Olona and Luino as a decorator.
She has been collaborating with "Varese Corsi" for years where she holds courses in oil painting, glass painting and painting of sacred icons.
Also at the Sacro Monte you exhibited your works in the Romite church, and also in the church of San Nicone in Besozzo, a small forgotten jewel.
His latest personal exhibition "ARMONIE" which was to be inaugurated on March 8 in Sala Nicolini in Varese was set up but never opened due to the arrival of closures due to the emergency.


Are you interested in my works?
You can call the number below or write to me using the "Contact Me" form below.




Personal and collective exhibitions


2016 – personal exhibition “Women in art” – Galleria Ossuzio – Varese
2016 – collective exhibition “Beyond the canvas” – Villa Cicogna Mozzoni – Bisuschio (VA) (national historical monument)
2016 – collective exhibition “Diara” – Rivergaro (PC)
2016 – annual art review “Penasca village of art” – Varese
2016 – collective exhibition “Your body – light and color” – Borgomanero (NO) (in favor of the hospital oncology department)
2016 – annual collective exhibition “art on the lake” – Porto Ceresio (VA)
2017 - international collective exhibition - Buronzo Castle (VC)
2017 - personal exhibition "Transparencies" - at the JRC - European Center for Nuclear Research - Ispra (VA)
2017 – collective exhibition “the Passion of Christ” – municipal exhibition hall – Cavaria (VA)
2017 - Group exhibition with impromptu performance and reproduction of sixteenth-century frescoes "on site" - Villa Cicogna Mozzoni (VA)
2017 - annual art review "Penasca village of art" - Varese
2017 - annual collective exhibition "Art on the lake" - Porto Ceresio
2017 - collective exhibition "Meetings of art" - Gallarate (VA)
2018 - personal exhibition "Emotions of light" - Luino (VA) in memory of Piero Chiara
2018 - personal exhibition "Nativity" - church of San Nicone - Besozzo (VA)
2018 - collective exhibition - "Christmas in art" - Romite Church - Santa Maria del Monte di Varese
2019 - 5 collective exhibitions "Summer Dream" - Santa Maria del Monte di Varese
2019 - Collective exhibition "Tuttotondo" - Parisi Valli Museum - Maccagno (VA)
2019 - collective exhibition "Discovery Art in Verona" - church of San Pietro Incarnario - Verona (VR)
2019 - Personal exhibition "It all begins like this" with a religious-iconographic theme - Santa Maria del Monte di Varese
2019 - collective exhibition "Radiumartis" gallery Pietrasanta (LU) and Reggio Emilia (RE)
2019 - Collective exhibition "Naturalia" - Villa Pomini Museum - Castellanza (VA)
2019 - Collective exhibition celebrating the fortieth anniversary of the association "Free Artists of the Province of Varese" - Civic Museum of the Castle of Masnago (VA)
2019 - personal exhibition "Icons and thoughts" - Church of San Nicone - Besozzo (VA)
2020 - Personal exhibition "Armonie" - Nicolini Municipal Exhibition Hall - Varese (VA)
2020 - Personal exhibition "REDISCOVERED HARMONIES" within the exhibition "DREAM OF SUMMER" - LOCATION CAMPONOVO - VARESE
2020 - “DESIGN WEEK” of Varese
2021 - Permanent exhibition at Camponovo location - Sacro Monte di Varese
2021 - Pavia Art Talent - Belgioioso (Pv) with the ArtistaOnLine group

contact me


Are you interested in my artistic activity?
Do not hesitate to contact me.


+39 3420942873

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