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Papa Giovanni - Painter

Giovanni Papa


Born in Catania in 1941, he lived for many years in Comerio, in the province of Varese, until his death on December 30, 2021.

He was a self-taught artist and he engraved more than five hundred plates with all chalcography techniques and made about fifty EX-LIBRIS.

He has participated in numerous Ex Libristic and graphic events in Italy and around the world and has also set up twenty personal exhibitions. Some of his works have been published in collections and catalogs in Italy, France, Poland, Serbia. He has been a member of several associations including the “National Association of Italian Engravers” and the “Italian Ex-Libris Association“.

Luigi Piatti, a writer and art critic originally from Barasso (Va), said of him:

“It's not every day you meet an important character. I was happy about it at the beginning of August 2016 when in Barasso, at my house, Pope John of Comerio came to visit me.

It was a great pleasure for me because we hadn't met for years, even though my presence in Comerio was normally daily.

And so my-curiosity moved with great interest to be updated on the activity of my friend Giovanni.

I have already written "important character", a situation known to me, which began as a boy when he sailed as a cabin boy on the Carmelina sailing ship which, arriving in Valletta, the capital of the island of Malta, allowed him to be an excellent singer in public places.

About fifteen years passed from those times and our Giovanni, also thanks to the critic Sisti, began to draw and then to engrave plates to obtain lithographs, etchings, burins, aquatints, woodcuts, etc.

However, I want to say primarily about the drawings because 'they struck me strongly for their expressive capacity: from the mountains, to the houses, to the needs of everyday life, such as, for example, the many clothes hanging out to dry, that is, the exaltation of family work of mothers and wives.

After the positive results of the drawing came Sisti's insistence to switch to engravings after a few years; an insistence well appreciated by our Giovanni who plunged into this activity with great initiative and inventiveness.

Certainly he realized that engraving was an exceptional art, which began several hundred years ago; and in this regard it should be noted that the oldest engravings are the Madonna of Brussels from 1418 and that of Manchester from 1423 with the Saint Christopher.

Since then the production became numerically high, involving many artists. And I say this because more than six hundred plates are piled up in a restaurant in Comerio, available at any time for printing. Obviously they are from our Giovanni who with these plates has highlighted the world with our landscapes, our life, our characters. A documentation of the past and the present that will also hold the bench in the future.

Thank you, Giovanni, for this work of yours which deserves the embrace of all of us, friends and acquaintances”.

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Personal exhibitions

1981 – Civic Center of Popular Culture of Luino (Va)

1981 – Civic Center of Popular Culture of Luino Personal Artistic and Cultural Center “Fiaf” Varese

1982 – Civic Center of Popular Culture of Luino Personal Artistic and Cultural Center “Fiaf” Varese

1983 – Cultural Artistic Center “Fiaf” Varese 1983 Personal exhibition at the Town Hall of Maccagno (Va)

1993 - Parish Exhibition Hall - Comerio (Va)

1994 – Solo exhibition at the Pessotto Art Gallery – Varese

1998 – Cloister of Voltorre (Va)

1998 - Villa Pomini - Castellanza (Va)

2004 – Cococafè of Luvinate (Va)

2005 – Imprimatur – Congress Palace “Stelline” – Milan

Collective exhibitions

1976 – Ternate painting competition 3rd Prize Graphic Section

1976 – Group show at the “La Finestra” Varese Gallery

1977 – Group exhibition of 19th century and contemporary Varesini artists at the Varese International Gallery

1977 – Leone Rampante d'Oro (awarded with cup of the square of Milan).

​1977 – Painter's Christmas Painting Award (2nd prize for graphics)

1978 – Ternate Award 78 Figurative Arts Exhibition Competition

1978 – S. Cecilia Varese Award (Work reported in the graphics category)

1978 – 1st International Painting Prize “Primavera Varesina”

1978 – Aquilotti Painting Award (Work marked with a special plate)

1978 – International Prize for Painting and Graphics – Como

1979 – Painter's Christmas Award – Varese

1979 – “Primavera Varesina” international painting prize

1980 – 1st Prize for Graphics at the “Luino” Art Review

1980 – 3rd International Painting Prize “Varesina Spring”

1981 – 4th International Painting Prize “Primavera Varesina”

1982 – 5th International Painting Prize “Primavera Varesina”

1983 – 6th International Painting Prize “Primavera Varesina”

1983 – National Painting Award Libra d'Argento at the Libra Gallery in Varese

1984 – Spring Exhibition with the Varese Independent Artists Association

1984 – Collective Exhibition of the Thirtieth Anniversary of the Foundation of the Association of Independent Artists

1985 – Spring Exhibition with Independent Artists Association

1996 – Grand Prix Italy National Championship Contemporary Painting S. Margherita ligure 2nd Prize for Graphics

1996 – Collective associated with "Proposal of Art" at Villa Pirelli Induno Olona Grand Prix Italy S. Margherita Ligure awarded for the synthesis of the drawing

1997 – Provincial Painting Competition Castellanza (Va)

1997 – Collective Associative with “Proposal of Art” at Villa Pirelli Induno Olona (Va)

2018 – Collective exhibition of Independent Artists of Varese – Porto Ceresio (Va)

2019 – 3rd edition Pavia Art Talent – ​​Pavia

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