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Gheller Monica - sculptor

Gheller Monica


Born in Carate Brianza (MB) in September 1966, and currently Iives in Seregno (MB), Northern Italy.

Her artistic activity began around twenty years ago when she started attending the "Impronte Cultural Association" of Nova Milanese where she learned the classical and modern techniques of painting on porcelain (third fire), and techniques of decoration with enamels (great fire).

She also discovered in this laboratory for the first time the fascination of the clay material, a magical encounter that later on developed into a great passion.
The spark was the knowledge of the Raku Ceramic Art, that she acquired in the ceramist Paola Gambero's laboratory in Monza, which later became her main form of expression.
Following this, she participated in various competitions and received mentions of honour and prizes (the latest one being the third prize of the "SCULPTORS AT PALAZZO in 2019.


This competition was organised at the Palazzo Borromeo of Cesano Maderno), she also participated in group exhibitions (some of the most relevant being SpoletoArte in 2019, and Biennale Milano in 2019 and 2021), and then some personal exhibitions (Forme d'argilla in 2015 at the Enzo Mariani Gallery in Seregno (MB), and Riflessioni d'argilla at the San Giuseppe cultural circle in Seregno (MB) in 2022), and in art fairs (PAT. Pavia in 2017 and 2018, and ArtePadova in 2019).

2020 madre terra raku hlp 33x38x30 .jpeg2017 skyline raku hlp 27x32x10 .jpeg2009 conchiglia argilla refrattaria e patinatura h10xdiam41 .jpeg

Her works are in permanent exhibition at the Villa Vertua Masolo- Permanent Collection of the Arts of Fire in Nova Milanese (MB), and at the Sartori House Museum in Castel D'Arlo (MN).
Many of her most recent works are reviewed and archived in the Encyclopedia of Italian Contemporary Art - ADTEDITORI and OFFICINE CULTURALI ROMANE


Are you interested in my works?
You can call the number below or write to me using the "Contact Me" form below.



2009 conchiglia argilla refrattaria e patinatura h10xdiam41 .jpeg2009%20conchiglia%20argilla%20refrattaria%20e%20patinatura%20h10xdiam41%20.jpeg2011%20rolling%20stones%20raku%20hlp%2016x%20diam%2028%20.jpeg2012%20rinascita%20raku%20hlp%2035x40x44%20con%20fiori%20max%2060%20.jpeg2013%20peace%20&%20love%20raku%20hlp%2044x17x17%2041x17x17%20.jpeg2014%202015%20le%20quattro%20stagioni%20engobbi%20su%20argilla%20h%2040x25diam%20.jpeg2014%20claude%20e%20loraine%20raku%20hlp%2031x29x42%2031x33x44%20.jpeg2015%20incontri%20con%20la%20natura%20raku%20crine%20di%20cavallo%20hlp%2022x30x25%20.jpeg2015%20incontri%20con%20la%20natura%20raku%20crine%20di%20cavallo%20hlp%2023x36x18%20.jpeg2016%20abbraccio%20raku%20nudo%20hlp%2037x26x26%20.jpeg2016%20colori%20in%20bilico%20raku%20hlp%2055x32x28%20.jpeg2017%20bugie%20gioiose%20raku%20hlp%2065x18x32%2049x12x21%20.jpeg2017%20fantasia%20raku%20hlp%2038x24x28%20.jpeg2017%20il%20vuoto%20raku%20nudo%20hlp%2037x26x16%20.jpeg2017%20skyline%20raku%20hlp%2027x32x10%20.jpeg2018%20elena%20e%20il%20cavallo%20di%20legno%20raku%20hlp%2050x39x16%20.jpeg2018%20gold%20rabbit%20raku%20hlp%2069x25x31%20.jpeg2018%20il%20gallo%20con%20gli%20stivali%20raku%20hlp%2055x15x25%20.jpeg2018%20le%20note%20ribelli%20raku%20hlp%2042x35x25%20.jpeg2018%20leda%20e%20il%20cigno%20raku%20hlp%2030x25x30%20.jpeg2018%20segui%20il%20tuo%20cuore...oltre%20ogni%20confine%20raku%20hlp%2045x25x33%208x12x10%20.jpeg2018%20terra%20fuoco%20acqua%20aria%20raku%20hlp%2033x33x4%20cad%20.jpeg2019%20amore%20&%20psiche%20raku%20hlp%2041x30x25%2037x26x27%20.jpeg2019%20giocando%20con%20l'universo%20raku%20hlp%2050x30x22%20.jpeg2019%20gufo%20ester%20raku%20hlp%2025x25x22%20.jpeg2019%20nutriamo%20il%20pianeta%20raku%20hlp%2040x54x20%20.jpeg2019%20uno%20sguardo%20alla%20luna%20raku%20hlp%2025x29x33%20.jpeg2020%20c'era%20una%20volta...%20raku%20hlp%2026x28x34%20.jpeg2020%20love%20is%20in%20the%20air%20raku%20hlp%2036x50x9%20.jpeg2020%20la%20gabbia%20raku%20hlp%2040x30x30%20.jpeg2020%20coltiva%20i%20tuoi%20sogni%20raku%20hlp%2047x30x30%20.jpeg2020%20madre%20terra%20raku%20hlp%2033x38x30%20.jpeg2021%20viaggiare%20raku%20e%20patinatura%20hlp%2033x40x37%20.jpeg2021%20la%20consapevolezza%20della%20farfalla%20raku%20e%20patinatura%20hlp%2048x33x25%20.jpeg2021%20il%20cerchio%20della%20vita%20raku%20hlp%2062x25x25%20.jpeg2021%20fate%20il%20vostro%20gioco%20raku%20hlp%2065x37x37%20.jpeg2021%20vibrazioni%20dell'anima%20raku%20e%20galestro%20nero%20hlp%2035x32x30%20.jpeg2022%20...e%20l'anima%20vola%20lampada%20accesa%20.jpeg2022%20...e%20l'anima%20vola%20raku%20smalti%20patinatura%20hlp%2063x43x33%20.jpeg2022%20corri%20sul%20filo%20raku%20hlp%2080x32x25%20.jpeg2022%20fam.polli%20smalti%20sec.fuoco%20galestro%20nero%20hlp%2030x25x28%2023x19x22%2014x10x15%20.jpeg


Group and personal exhibitions


2004 “Landscapes, gardens and…”, Exhibition of artistic craftsmanship, Confartigianato of Cuneo.

2010 "Water, earth and fire", Ceramists of the Lombard Valleys, Villa Filippini, Besana in Brianza (MB).

2010 Sailing evening, multipurpose hall, Lissone (MB).

2011 Emotions for women, Baptistery of Lenno (Co).

2012 MAGIE DEL FUOCO, personal exhibition at Lambrughi Interni, Lissone (MB).

2014 Dialogues in different styles, Circolo Culturale S. Giuseppe, Seregno (MB).

2014 Curti Furnace Exhibition, Milan.

2015 Tales of Clay, Secondary Schools of Lesmo (MB).

2015 Curti Furnace Exhibition, Milan.

2015 SHAPES OF CLAY, personal exhibition, Ezio Mariani Gallery, Seregno (MB).

2015 Monza d'Argilla, Urban Center Monza (MB).

2016 From images to poems, Ezio Mariani Gallery, Seregno (MB).

2016 From flower to flower, Casa museo Sartori, Castel d'Ario (MN), WORK VISIBLE ON THE SPOT.

2016 Curti Furnace Exhibition, Milan.

2016 Terra Crea Sartori, Sartori Museum House, Castel d'Ario (MN), WORK VISIBLE ON SITE.

2017 Contemporary female art, Ezio Mariani Gallery, Seregno (MB).
​2017 Animalia - Nature & Art Casa museo Sartori, Castel d'Ario (MN), WORK VISIBLE ON SITE.

2017 PAT Pavia Art Talent, Palazzo Esposizioni Pavia

2018 The Army of Fire, Galleria Spazio Porpora, Milan

2018 Female Art, Ezio Mariani Gallery, Seregno (MB).

2018 "Claying Together", Villa Vertua, Nova Milanese (MB).

2018 "Reality and Abstraction", Villa Sormani, Mariano Comense (CO).

2018 PAT Pavia Art Talent, Palazzo Esposizioni Pavia.

2019 "THE WOMAN", Ezio Mariani Gallery, Seregno (MB).

2019 "RESEARCH TOPICS", MuMi Museum in Milan

2019 SPOLETO ARTE curated by Vittorio Sgarbi, Palazzo Leti Sansi, Spoleto (PG)

2019 The Sacred The World The Earth, Church of Santa Maria della Salute, Viterbo

2019 MILAN BIENNALE presented by Vittorio Sgarbi, Brera Site, Milan

2019 Contemporary Art Talent Show, Padua Fair

2021 "Art in Quarantine" virtual exhibition and art catalogue, IULM Milan

2021 MILAN BIENNALE presented by Vittorio Sgarbi, Palazzo Stampa di Soncino Via Torino, Milan

2022 “MAESTRI A MILANO” virtual exhibition presented by the critic Angelo Crespi and art catalogue, Teatro Manzoni, Milan

2022 CLAY REFLECTIONS, personal exhibition, S. Giuseppe Cultural Circle, Seregno (MB).
2023 HOME IS... , SPAZIO HUS, Milan

2023 Artists for March 8, Ezio Mariani Gallery, Seregno (MB).

Competitions and awards


2002-2021 (biennial) – Convention Azzurra, International Conference of Fire Arts.

2003-2017 (biennial) - National Fire Arts Competition (in 2011 prize in the "Gran Fire and Raku Enamel" category, in 2013 Honorable Mention, in 2015 purchase prize with WORK PLACED at the Fire Museum of Villa Vertua, Nova Milanese ).

2009 3rd National Competition of Raku ceramics, Cornaredo (MI).

2009 Lumacart, Palazzo Bertelli, Borgo S. Dalmazzo (CN).

2016 Competition of contemporary art Spirit and Matter, S. Giuseppe cultural circle, Seregno (MB).

2018 Contemporary Art Competition "Sconfinamenti", San Giuseppe cultural club, Seregno (MB)

2019 “Pace” Contemporary Art Competition, San Giuseppe Cultural Circle, Seregno (MB) (SKYLINE vase PRIZE free theme section)

2019 CARAVAGGIO AWARD presented in Malta, awarded by SPOLETO ARTE for the work Leda and the Swan and Special Mention for the three works presented at Spoleto Arte.

2019 "SCULTORI A PALAZZO" competition, Palazzo Arese Borromeo, Cesano Maderno (MB) (THIRD PRIZE with the work Fantasia).

2022 “Mother Earth” Contemporary Art Competition, S. Giuseppe Cultural Circle, Seregno (MB).


Catalogs and publications


2016 From flower to flower SARTORI EDITOR ARCHIVE

2017 Animalia - Nature & Art SARTORI EDITOR ARCHIVE


2019 Spoleto Arte 2019 editorial G. Mondadori

2019 WORDS OF CERAMICS texts by Marcus Nolde inspired by my works

2019 Biennale Milano International Art Meeting 2019 editorial G.Mondadori

2021 Art in Quarantine editorial G.Mondadori

2021 Biennale Milano International Art Meeting 2021 editorial G.Mondadori

2021 ART NOW Masters in Milan

2022 THE MILKY WAY: THE MILK ROUTE OF DREAMS review by Prof. Sergio Bevilacqua

2022 Reviews on the Encyclopedia of Italian Contemporary Art - Addeditori

2023 Reviews on the Encyclopedia of Italian Contemporary Art – Officine Culturali Romane

contact me

Are you interested in my artistic activity?
Do not hesitate to contact me.

+39 3663797514