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Falcone Damiano - painter

Damiano Falcone

Born in Milan on May 29, 1939, he cultivated a passion for painting from a very young age, experimenting with multiple self-taught techniques.

As his painter friend Colacitti recalls in a writing dedicated to him, Falcone "explores the Babel of twentieth-century art and chooses surrealism, being hyper-endowed with a fertile imagination".

The youthful years are years in which Falcone works hard, producing a large quantity of works and engaging in group exhibitions, personal exhibitions and important competitions, presented by critics such as Domenico Cara, Renato Tomasina and Franco Passoni who dedicates a monograph to him in the Collana dei Maestri of the Mediterranean.

Surrealism, understood as "rejection expressed visually with visionary images", as Passoni wrote, is the stylistic feature that distinguishes Falcone's pictorial style in these years of open comparison not only with the world of criticism but also with the Lombard community of artists.

Again quoting Passoni, "his experience as an artist involves him personally as it is openly nourished by an intimate and individual challenge, jealously guarded by himself within himself and manifested only through painting."

This long phase of open dialectic with the world is followed by an equally long period of refusal of confrontation and closure to the world: Falcone withdraws into himself, preferring reflection and silence, continuing to cultivate his own internal dialogue with daily work pictorial.

His style evolves, abandoning the stylistic code of dreamlike surrealism, and establishes itself as a very personal investigation of the unconscious visited through the use of color.
As his friend Colacitti writes again, "the total purity of the imagination is contaminated with the prevalence of the eye attentive to reality... he paints on sheets of paper mixed with silk, with fragments of herbs, leaves and flowers on which he intoxicates himself in freedom butterflies and dragonflies.

The color blazes hot like a Mediterranean summer with the harmonious fusion of three painting techniques: oil, acrylic and enamel.”

Today Damiano Falcone lives and works in Brugherio in the silence he loved so much, among several hundreds of works on canvas and paper.

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Personal exhibitions

1977 «San Rocco» Gallery – Seregno (Milan)

1978 "Centroparete" Gallery - Lissone (Milan)

1979 «San Rocco» Gallery – Seregno (Milan)

1980 "Il Mercante" Gallery - Via Brera, 29 - Milan

1980 "Citifin Banca" Gallery – d'Arso collaboration (Rome)

1980 "Il Salotto" Gallery – Como – d'Arso collaboration

1981 "9 Columns" Gallery - Trento - d'Arso collaboration

1981 "S. Rocco" Gallery - Seregno (Milan)

1982 « Publimare » Gallery – Senigalia (Pesaro)

1982 "Il Mercante" Gallery - Via Brera, 29 - Milan

2016 COCQUIO – GALLERY of the Capricorn Atelier

2016 “MUNICIPAL GALLERY” — Portovaltravaglia (Varese)

2018 "Dancing symphonies" - Maccagno

2019 “Everyone sees what they like” — Seregno

Collective exhibitions

1976 «Studio A» – Milan

1976 «The Signatures» – Milan

1977 "Contemporary Art" - Marosa - Portofino

1978 «The International Press Grand Prix» – Milan

1978 "Selective selection of painting and graphics" - Como

1980 «II Biennial City of La Spezia» – Spezia

1980 «An artist a day» – Il Salotto – Como

1981 «Festival Due Mondi Spoleto» – Spoleto

2009 “HOTEL CAMIN” Colmegna

2015 MUNICIPAL GALLERY (Seregnese family) – SEREGNO

2016 MUNICIPAL GALLERY (Seregnese family)

2017 10/11 June – days of art in Noli

2018 1/2 December — “Paviart” — Pavia

2018 MARIANI GALLERY — Seregno

2019 23/24 November – Pavia Art Talent

2021 6 November – Albizzate (Va) – Musical Reviviscenze Review

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