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Sonia Cattagnoli

Sonia Cattagnoli Stylist and watercolourist, born in Varese in April 1975 and lives in Morazzone. In 2004 he founded the Sartorial Association “ Attacchiamo Bottone? ”.

He has been teaching and collaborating in the world of fashion and art for years.


He began painting in watercolor at the school of the artist Donatella Colombo to move on to the transparency and purity of Stainerian color with the master   Donald Hall .

Thanks to the support of the artist Alberto Ponti, he has refined his sensitivity and technique, demonstrating a notable leap in artistic and personal quality.


Painting gives her the opportunity to express intense passion and strong emotions through beautiful paintings. Grit and delicacy chase each other and merge on the handmade paper of his works.


In 2016 he discovered the precious and mystical world of raku ceramics thanks to Sara Russo . From here infinite possibilities open up on the horizon and the materials mix, paper, clay and colour. Material and three-dimensionality combine with the lightness of brush shading.

2011-buco nell'acqua--acquarello su carta-76x56 .jpeg2012-alle spalle-acquarello su carta-101x81 .jpeg2022-onda emotiva-ceramica raku-21x13 .jpeg

It starts in 2013   to create light sculptures and works with various materials, hexagonal nets   and copper wires, with which he creates visual harmonies of great impact.

Over the years she has collaborated and exhibited with Daniela Nasoni , Monica Maffei , Maria Teresa Urbano , Daniela Quaglia , Sara Russo and Francesca Caraffini , artists who, like her, face life with both hands.


Thus, always in search of the profound movements of the spirit and feeling, the artist involves the spectator through the transparencies and the substance of the movement, inviting him to be fascinated, in a that the work can become the gateway to a world of pure emotions.


“Painting helps me find myself, to overcome any boundaries.

Nothing exists anymore except the All”


Are you interested in my works?

You can call the number below or write to me using the “Contact me” form below.




2022-onda emotiva-ceramica raku-21x13 .jpeg2011-buco%20nell'acqua--acquarello%20su%20carta-76x56%20.jpeg2012-alle%20spalle-acquarello%20su%20carta-101x81%20.jpeg2012-fantasmi%20d'inchiostro%20(1)-acquarello%20su%20carta-101x53%20.jpeg2012-fantasmi%20d'inchiostro%20(3)-acquarello%20su%20carta-82x81%20.jpeg2012-fantasmi%20d'inchiostro-acquarello%20su%20carta-101x53%20.jpeg2012-passaggio%20verso%20la%20guarigione-acquarello%20e%20polvere%20oro%20su%20carta-76x57%20.jpeg2015-nelle%20profondità-acuarello%20e%20polvere%20oro%20su%20carta-60x80%20.jpeg2022-graal-acquarello%20e%20polvere%20oro%20su%20carta-70x47%20.jpeg2022-graffiata-ceramica%20raku%20su%20legno-61x27%20.jpeg2022-onda%20emotiva-ceramica%20raku-21x13%20.jpeg2022-silent%20cave-ceramica%20raku%20su%20legno-61x27%20.jpeg2022-spaccatura-ceramica%20raku%20su%20legno-61x27%20.jpeg2022-specchio-ceramica%20raku%20su%20legno-61x27%20.jpeg2022-venti%20di%20trasformazione-acquarello,%20polvere%20oro%20e%20matita%20su%20carta-80x61%20.jpeg



Personal exhibitions

2007 – Personal exhibition “The Depths of Light” - Atelier Santa Caterina - Como

2008 – Personal exhibition – “Filo di luce” - Symposium - Milan

2012 – Personal exhibition “Wounds and Healing” - Ispra.

2015 – Personal exhibition “Calici DiVini” - outside Expo - Vergiate

2017 – Personal exhibition “Movements of the Soul” - Verona

2021 – Personal exhibition “Wounds and Healing” - Palazzo Branda - Castiglione Olona

2022 – Personal exhibition “Fuori dalle Reti” - Palazzo Branda - Castiglione Olona

Collective exhibitions

2004 – Collective exhibition “Homage to Van Gogh” - Villa Cagnola - Gazzada

2005 – Collective exhibition “Atmospheres in the Park” - Villa Cagnola - Gazzada

2006 – Collective exhibition “Angeli” - Villa Cagnola - Gazzada

2007 – Collective exhibition “Acqua” - Villa Cagnola - Gazzada

2011 – Participation in the “Marche d'Acqua” events - Fabriano

2017 – Collective “Raku” - the Tana of constructions - Vedano Olona

2021 – Collective “Ink Ghosts”   - Kubeart - Castiglione Olona

2022 – Collective exhibition “Expò” - Zer'Art - Induno Olona

2023 – Collective exhibition “Homage to Van Gogh” - Due Punti gallery - Varese

2023 – “Volo” collective exhibition - Palazzo Branda - Castiglione Olona


contact me


Are you interested in my artistic activity?
Do not hesitate to contact me.

Tel. +39 3484991595