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Biagio Battaglia


Biagio Battaglia was born in Comiso (RG) and has lived in Milan since 1961.

He concluded his studies at the Istituto Statale d'Arte of Comiso, sculpture section.

After a brief activity in artisan sculpture workshops, he carried out his activity in the field of building design as a technical draftsman in architectural studios, first in his hometown and continuing in Milan.

Here he went through all the stages of his career in the specific field until he founded his own studio " TEAM PROGETTO architecture and development ", through which he carried out technical consultancy of Design and Works Management for leading companies in Italy and abroad. This activity allows him to experience that synthesis between art and technical rigor which will allow him to reconcile the aspect between utopia and the observation of the world around him.

The passion and interest in art, which began at a very young age, is never abandoned, today he is entirely dedicated to painting to find his own personal style and to get to know and experiment with new forms and languages expressed by the contemporary world.


Paraphrasing Kant: It can be said that between pleasant beauty and goodness, only and exclusively that for the taste of beauty is a disinterested and free complacency because there is no interest, neither that of the senses nor that of reason, which compels approval.

Biagio Battaglia, in his personal way of being there, searches for an ideal composition between the "beauty" and what his sensitivity perceives from everyday life. His painting is not abstracted from contemporary society and upcoming events which are interpreted with one's own personality and without references to predefined styles.

Behind a current theme, strength and willingness to express what is necessary to defend the cause of individual stylistic conception shines through in Battaglia's painting.

In his work there is a deep and filtered relationship with reality, which however is not reduced to the simple recovery of the truth.

Battaglia translates the compositional elements into a coordinated formal register, made up of compositional spaces that enclose the figurative suggestions gathered in contact with reality in the harmonious dimension of the form.

In his painting emerges a clean harmony of an imaginative reinvention translated into the precise scanning of the spaces and the delicate juxtaposition of the chromatic ranges. These are results that come from a long and assiduous meditation on a discourse that is never an arabesque or decoration but a meaningful communication of a human testimony.

The chromatic composition and the narrative allegory are the hallmark of his way of working.



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Collective exhibitions


1951 - Exhibition of the "Child Painter Catania".

1958 - Collective "Six Young Exhibitors", Comiso (RG).

1959 - Collective "Mostra D'Arte 1959", Group of Artists Biagio Mancini, Comiso (RG).

2021 - Exhibition "Self-portraits and Portraits of famous people, Casa Museo Sartori, Castel d'Ario (MN).

2022 - Exhibition "Love in Art", Milan Art Gallery.

2022 - VII edition "MumArt", Francavilla a Mare (CH). Presentation by Maria Cristina Ricciardi

2022 - 1st Biennial Tour of Europe, Paris, Barcelona, London, Venice.

2022 - Artists for Nuvolari, eighth exhibition 2022, Casa Museo Sartori, Castel d'Ario (MN).

2022 - XIV "Il Romanino" Roman Award of Lombardy

2023 - The stillness lit.   OSSIMORO Gallery Turin

2023 - VIII edition "MumArt", Francavilla a Mare (CH). Presentation by Maria Cristina Ricciardi



2021- "Self-portraits and Portraits of illustrious characters", exhibition catalogue, Mantua, Archivio Sartori Editore.

2021 - "Italian Artists 2022 Sartori catalog of modern and contemporary art", edited by Arianna Sartori, preface by Maria Gabriella Savoia, Mantua, Archivio Sartori Editore, pp. 32/34.

2021 - "ART NOW" magazine promoter of creativity, November-December issue.

2022 - "Poetry and art".

2022 - "Artists for Nuvolari, eighth review 2022", edited by Arianna Sartori, presentation by Maria Gabriella Savoia, text by Massimo Formigoni Nuvolari, exhibition catalogue, Castel d'Ario, Casa Museo Sartori, Mantua, Archivio Sartori Editore.

2023 Online catalogue

  2023 Online catalogue




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