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Welcome Sonia Cattagnoli

06/02/2024 15:07


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Welcome Sonia Cattagnoli

Sonia Cattagnoli, born in Varese in 1975, is a stylist and watercolorist who lives in Morazzone.


Sonia Cattagnoli , born in Varese in 1975, is a stylist and watercolorist who lives in Morazzone. He founded the Sartorial Association "Attacchiamo Bottone?" in 2004 and collaborates in the world of fashion and art. He began painting in watercolor under the guidance of the artist Donatella Colombo, and then refined his sensitivity and technique with the master Donald Hall and Alberto Ponti.


In 2016, he discovered the world of raku ceramics thanks to Sara Russo, further expanding his artistic skills. Since 2013, he has also created light sculptures and works with various materials.

Over the years, he has collaborated and exhibited with various artists including Daniela Nasoni, Monica Maffei and Maria Teresa Urbano.
These days the choice of the artist Sonia Cattagnoli to be present on the web with her own landing page on our portal.

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