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AICI Singing Teachers Association

The Articles of Association of AICI - Association of Italian Singing Teachers - dates back to 18 September 1999. The purpose was to create a point of aggregation, training and study on issues related to vocality and its pedagogy. All this through the meeting, comparison and collaboration between all the figures, professional and amateur, in contact with the phenomenon of the voice.


In this sense, the AICI aims to stimulate and certify the professional quality of its members in accordance with Italian laws and regulations and to act as a point of reference for students who wish to approach the study of singing by making use of serious teaching, prepared and updated, reaffirming the latter as free, based on the autonomy of the skills, on the independence of the technique and of the intellectual judgment of each individual teacher who respects the principles of good faith and correctness.


Wanting to guarantee a profile of high pedagogical value in the field of vocality, the Association is regulated in accordance with Law 4/2013 on Professions not organized in Orders and Colleges.


To this end, it guarantees:

  • the qualification and professional quality of the services provided by its members on the basis of the rules governing professions not organized in Orders and Colleges;
  • compliance with the rules of its Code of Conduct;
  • permanent training by organizing moments of study, in-depth study and comparison, with conferences, seminars and refresher courses;
  • the management of the lists of members and the related permanent training credits;
  • particular attention to advising singing students in compliance with the rules of transparency and free competition;
  • a "Listening desk" (being activated) active online and/or via telephone number where members can go to get information on the quality standards required by the Association, to submit questions, ask for advice, and, for students, contact in the event of a dispute with individual shareholders.

the publication, on web pages in the public domain, of the list of Ordinary Members in possession of the professional requirements defined in the regulation. The list of Affiliate Members and Students can be requested directly from the Association using the contact form on the site.


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