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Codazzi Manuela - painter

Manuela Codazzi

Painter, born in Cremona but soon moved to Varese.

The link with the city and the territory of Cremona has always remained indelible.


He attended the Liceo Artistico "A.Frattini" in the first years of his settlement in Varese. This was a very important period for his artistic and personal training.

The memory of the Masters Ermanno Abbiati, Domenico De Bernardi, Silvano Colombo, Piero Cicoli, Egiziano Piersantini and many others still no less important for his artistic growth will remain unforgettable.

The journey alongside Prof. Abbiati continued beyond his high school years and had a profound impact, becoming an important artistic and human reference. This great artist, so shy and apparently tough, has never pursued notoriety and has lived art on a broad spectrum, expressing himself with great ease through sculpture, painting, music, poetry and theatre.


Although her professional career has not properly followed the artistic field, the imprint of this training has always characterized her in every type of activity.

The love and passion for Art have never faded, becoming an indispensable nourishment and a great support for living.

The constant interest in research that makes her experiment with different techniques such as mosaic, decoration and painting on glass, ceramic and terracotta and finally the research in painting with acrylics on canvas, wood and mixed techniques distinguishes her. He has recently reproduced some small works by expanding them on large silk scarves that have enhanced their sign and color.


He participated in sector competitions as a youth, collecting prizes and awards but trying his hand at competitions was not his primary goal.

He has curated various art exhibitions also promoting humanitarian and social initiatives in collaboration with national and foreign associations that still continue.


In his works the predilection for geometric shapes, minimalism, cleanliness and balance of the composition is significant, which is also identified in the last works in which the search for color and more fluid movement makes its way.


He firmly believes in the universal concept of Art and believes that a true Artist must ceaselessly nourish himself with every form of artistic expression, without limitations or preconceptions.

He affirms that the artist must know how to PERCEIVE in order to COMMUNICATE.


Are you interested in my works?
You can call the number below or write to me using the "Contact Me" form below.




Collective exhibitions

10/11 June 2017 – “giornidarteaNoli 2017” – Noli (SV)

14/17 September 2017 – curator of the exhibition HHStillriver and Elisabetta Soresina Chiesa SS.Cosma e Damiano in Schianno (VA)

3/31 March 2018 – “giornidarteaVarese” – Camponovo -Sacro Monte Varese

14/23 April 2018 – curator of the exhibition Silvia and Irene Landoni Church of S.Maria Assunta in Gazzada (VA)

20/29 July 2018 – curator of the profile of the artist Alberto Nicora catalog "Colour and everyday life: energy of a free spirit" exhibition in Porto Ceresio ( Alberto Nicora )

1/2 September 2018 – “giornidarteaNoli 2018” (second edition)-Noli (SV)

1/2 December 2018 – participation in the “Pavia Art Talent” 2018 edition – Art Fair in Pavia

14/22 September 2019 – Ancient Seventeenth-century Church of SS.Marco and Gregorio in Cologno Monzese (MI)

26/27 October 2019 – event at the Montessori School in Varese

23/24 November 2019 – Pavia Art Fair “PaviaArtTalent” (PV)

29 November / 8 December 2019 – two-person show “ABbraccio” – Galleria Due punti – Varese

18 September / 04 October 2020 – “in my Duomo” Galleria Due punti – Varese

06/28 May 2021 – “Clouds” 100 artists to remember –Visioni Altre Gallery -Venice

11 September 2021 - "A thread for the environment" project by Artist for Plasts, work "The trees are precious" installation on the Venice Lido - Alberoni nature reserve - work also exhibited in the installation at the former Convent of SS.Cosma and Damiano, Giudecca Island(Ve)

11 -25 September 2021 gallery "Kunst Grenzen-frontier art" exhibition "Clouds- artist's visions to remember" - Roverè della Luna (TN)

9 October 2021 – Review “Reviviscenze Musicali” exhibition in the Church of S. Anastasio in Cardano al Campo (concert “Mozart loves … Deus”)

11-12 December 2021 “Pavia Art Talent” – Castle of Belgioioso –Belgioioso (PV)
​December 22nd / February 13th 2021 “La Vasca del Furer - to remember the victims of the Holocaust” Galleria Visioni Altre – Ghetto/Venice

contact me

Are you interested in my artistic activity?
Do not hesitate to contact me.


+39 3394148303

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