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Cristina Capella


Cristina Capella was born in Turin in 1963 and has lived in Varese since 1976. She began her journey with the icon in 1996 following the courses held by the Romanian iconographer Aurel Ionescu.

"What the Gospel tells us with words, the icon announces it to us with colors and makes it present to us" (IV Constantinopolitan Ecumenical Council - 869)

The icon is born from prayer, to lead to prayer and welcome the Word that saves.

The iconographer does not need to affirm himself with originality, instead he must place himself at the service of the icon as a faithful translator (we also speak of the "writing" of icons) of the Word of God, remaining within the Tradition of the Church ; he using the language of color and symbol, through prayer, makes the Truth visible, with the rigor of dogma and the life-giving wisdom of the Spirit.

In following a path already traced by others (canon), the painter finds a way to deepen the search for the Absolute Trinitarian Beauty. In the icon, the place where the Mystery of God is made present, all of creation participates in His Manifestation: the vegetable, animal and mineral world.


The wooden table reminds us of the Cross, but also of the tree of life.

The canvas glued to the wood with animal glue (skin, bone or casein) recalls the linen of the Holy Mandylion and the Shroud cloths.

Gypsum (from Bologna or Alabaster) with rabbit glue or casein is spread on the table in several layers (from 4 to 7, to recall the days of creation).

In the gilding, on bole or "mission", with 23 kt gold leaf, the gold symbolizes the uncreated light, the Divine light.

Painting with egg tempera technique (yolk with vinegar or white wine) uses natural pigments: vegetables, earths, minerals, semi-precious stones.

We proceed to the progressive illumination: from the darkness of the darkest colors, to the definition of the shapes, up to the light of the live dashes.

But what makes the icon true, that is the vehicle of Divine Grace, is the blessing that only the Church can impart to it.

The works can also be ordered for subjects that have not yet been created.

Are you interested in my works?
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Participation in events

1999 - Sanctuary of Brunella.

2002 - Baptistery of San Giovanni in Varese.

2012 - Sacro Monte di Varese in the Church of the Annunciata, the exhibition "SACRED ICONS: THE 20 MYSTERIES OF THE ROSARY". Re-proposed in 2013 in Bobbiate, then in Crosio della Valle, then in Biumo Inferiore.

2013 - again at the Sacro Monte, the collective exhibition "ICONS OF SAINTS: TRANSFIGURED IN THE LIGHT OF FAITH".

2015 - again "The 20 mysteries of the Rosary" in Voltorre (VA) and "A jubilee year with the icons of saints: the face of mercy" in Comerio (VA).

2016 - "THE 20 MYSTERIES OF THE ROSARY" in Vicoforte (CN) in the Sanctuary of the Nativity of Mary and then in Comerio in the church of San Celso.

2017 - "The 20 MYSTERIES OF THE ROSARY" exhibition was held in May in Caravate (VA) by the Passionist Fathers and in October at the Cairate monastery, while in November "Wonderful God in His Saints" in Malnate.

2019 - THE 20 MYSTERIES OF THE ROSARY in the church of Santa Maria Assunta in Gazzada (VA) and in Albizzate (VA) in the Guido Reni hall of the Town Hall, Cà Taverna


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Are you interested in my artistic activity?
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