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One more weekend with "SORRIDIDONNA"

10/03/2023 10:56

Manuela Codazzi

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One more weekend with "SORRIDIDONNA"

We are still open next weekend then our collective will close its doors. The emotions and memories of many will certainly not go out

We are still open next weekend then our collective will close its doors.

The emotions and memories of so many visitors who shared this adventure with us will certainly not fade away, we will carry all this in our hearts.

The images of the works have helped us to elaborate thoughts and considerations and this is what counts.

We are extremely satisfied with the response we have obtained, our efforts have seen the response of a very varied public, we have been particularly pleased to receive the visit of many young people who are often not part of the larger crowd.


Also the Vernissage of Saturday 4 March u.s. during which we hosted the poetess Salima Martignoni and the violinist Alessandra Sonia Romano with her Violin of the Shoah, it was a huge success with enthusiastic and moved audiences.

Now that we are approaching the finale we want to offer another beautiful show with the concert of the ANEMONE choir, an all-female choir.

The event will be held at the Galleria Due Punti, via Bizzozero n.7,

SATURDAY 11 MARCH 2023 at 3.30 pm

We report below some information on this choir composed only of women, including the director (Cristina Majocchi).

The ANEMONE CHOIR was born in 2022 from a group of female voices who had already collaborated on a previous musical project (Adansonia choir).

The anemone is the flower of the wind, the vital breath of the seasons, of hope. The auspices evoked by the chosen name inspired the new choir of female voices, made up of nine choristers, with the happy and generous intention of telling and affirming, with a varied repertoire, the indispensable presence of music and poetry in everyone's everyday life our.

It's a female vocal project, a choice linked to a specific sound and timbre that embraces the high frequencies of the audible.

The choir is directed by M° Cristina Majocchi and is accompanied on the piano by M° Angela Villa.

We thank you for the attention and dissemination that you want to give to our initiative, we would also be very happy to host you at the event

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