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Sacred and profane symbols.

16/12/2021 11:00



Sacred and profane symbols.

Work N57 - Christmas star, oil on canvas 40x50 year of execution 2010

Work N57 - Christmas star, oil on canvas 40x50 year of execution 2010

The painting represents a Christmas symbol, it is a copy from life, the times are very tight during the execution, the plant moves continuously even if we do not perceive this movement, the oil colors allowed me to give the leaves the characteristic rubbish that distinguishes this plant so difficult to cultivate, as a painter I chose to place it in a different context by not placing it on the usual table. The milking cow is a characteristic three-legged chair inspired by the rustic stools once used for milking.

Thanks to the molded seat, it is incredibly comfortable. Two stones were placed and painted on his seat which are used for cleaning the chiakra, BLUE of the throat and PURPLE of the forehead (third eye) to remain in the spiritual theme of Christmas and otherwise. Thanks to its essential lines, the painting also integrates perfectly with a contemporary and classic design furniture.

Antonietta Orsi

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