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Giovanni Papa, simply authentic Artist

02/01/2022 12:00


Painting, Manuela Codazzi, Giovanni Papa, Artista, Incisione, Incisore,

Giovanni Papa, simply authentic Artist

Hi Giovanni, Giovanni Papa or Papa Giovanni, just as you always joked about your demanding name to show… and to add embarrassment to the embarrassment

Hi John,

Giovanni Papa or Papa Giovanni, just as you always made fun of your demanding name to show… and to add embarrassment to the embarrassment you asked “but do you know where I live? I live in via Chiesa ”, and there those incredulous laughter that you liked so much broke out uncontrollably!

We have the indelible memory of your bright face, that open and engaging smile that embraced everyone as well as that infinite inner beauty, your great discretion and the delicacy with which you faced every situation.

You certainly didn't miss suffering in life and, despite being so deep, you never let anyone weigh your suffering, that bright smile never faded.

To us who remain you also leave the testimony of your greatest passion: Art!

Passion that you fed on with both hands and with which you expressed dreams and emotions that offered all of us the possibility of flying with you in that dream world full of peace and serenity, just like the one you are certainly in today.

Your research journey in the world of engraving was truly immense, you didn't need particular or precious tools or materials, your hands were able to engrave anywhere and with any instrument until you extrapolated, even from the poorest materials, true masterpieces that they spoke for themselves! Only a great sensitivity and an irrepressible passion can lead to all this.

You left suddenly, in silence and with the discretion of someone who doesn't want to cause inconvenience, as if they had read and listened to your thoughts from up there. Now you are again next to that much-loved woman with whom you shared a life and created your family, that woman you lovingly cared for for a long time.

Thank you Giovanni for what you have been, for what you have given us and for your example which will remain forever in the hearts of those who knew you, you will still be with us also through your works which speak so well of your noble soul and your passion for art so authentic and great in its disarming simplicity.

Manuela Codazzi

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