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Me too in the Fuhrer's tub - to remember

21/02/2022 23:00


Collective exhibition, Venezia, Alessandra Agostinelli, Visioni altre, Ghetto ebraico, Galleria d'arte, Ghetto Novo, Adolfina de Stefani,

Me too in the Fuhrer's tub - to remember

We have now reached the end, the group show "The Fuhrer's tub" in the Venice Ghetto, in which I too participated, will close on Sunday 13 February

We have now come to an end, the group show " The Fuhrer's tub " in the Ghetto of Venice, in which I too participated, will close on Sunday 13 February.

“Why do we no longer want to remember at a certain point? Memory becomes an obstacle to daily life, making it difficult if not impossible for us to live in the here and now. Like clothes that we will never wear again, we hide our memories well locked up in an imaginary box that we will leave in our subconscious attic“.

The exhibition will be dismantled but the infinite emotions it aroused in so many visitors and the incisive trace it left in the hearts of the artists who gave it life by realizing all those feelings of anguish, anger and reflection with matter, will remain alive and button for a long time.

As I wrote in the comment next to the image of my work in the beautiful catalog of this exhibition that you can consult by clicking here (introduction and critical text by Alessandra Agostinelli ) it was a very particular and profound experience for me , both as regards the painful moment of the creation of the work and for the magical atmosphere that I breathed at the moment of the inauguration, in the Campo del Ghetto Novo , finding myself together with many other artists who, like me, put themselves on the line to communicate their message, each with their own style and language, each with their own personal point of view.

And what about the curator and great driving force behind all this? An "infinite thank you" and full of affection is due to the enterprising Adolfina de Stefani , a tireless artist who knows how to capture our souls and push us into a large net that you cannot escape from because you know well that it is always full of profound contents! I am the spokesperson for the whole group of exhibiting artists and this "thank you" that is as big as all of Venice and projected in large letters in front of your " Visioni Altre " Gallery, on the pavement of the entire Campo del Ghetto Novo. Well done Adolfina!

Manuela Codazzi

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