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We support Dario Cellamaro's crowdfunding project

17/07/2022 13:00


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We support Dario Cellamaro's crowdfunding project

ne of the next goals that Dario Cellamaro would like to achieve is the crowdfunding operation that he has decided to create with the support of "Produzioni

One of the next goals that Dario Cellamaro would like to achieve is the crowdfunding operation that he has decided to create with the support of "Produzioni dal Basso" in order to be able to create his new CD which he will record "live" during the concert he will hold with his " SWINGSUITE 5et” on August 13, 2022 at Villa Cagnola in Gazzada (Varese) as part of the 45th edition of the now historic “MUSICA IN VILLA” review organized by the local Pro Loco. A recording project dedicated to two historic and famous trumpet players whose names cross the barriers of space and time: CLARK TERRY & DIZZY GILLESPIE! Dario Cellamaro, jazz drummer for over forty years now.

He lives in Varese and is a jazz player who has made his way in the environment thanks to his precious stylistic skills but also in the world, boasting in his portfolio of participations in the studio and live, collaborations with authors and musicians of international level.

How did you come to embark on this journey with this crowdfunding proposal … ? I got there by word of mouth talking about it with people in the sector who praised the seriousness, professionalism and correctness of this organization. I'm dealing with it almost daily these days and I'm getting confirmation.
So I hope and trust in the generosity of the recipients of my request because their money will be in good hands, well managed and will go smoothly.

All the projects (many!!) successfully concluded so far say so. They are serious, reliable and organized people. But unfortunately it's not enough because if the recipient of the donation request is not sensitive to the subject, the operation goes up in smoke.
The budget to be reached (which can be exceeded but which cannot be less than even a cent, otherwise the operation will be cancelled) is just 3,000 euros which, after deducting the fees for those who manage the organization of the collection (which are just 5%), are just enough for the creation, production and distribution of the CD.
But at the same time they can also exceed the expected 3,000.00 euros!!
Everything will depend on the willingness of those who want to join this campaign as a donor.

I'm trying and I take this opportunity to invite anyone who wants to feed this great PASSION of mine (because yes, it's not just a job but mainly a great PASSION) to make a donation. It's only 15.00 euros for a copy of the CD released as a reward. Below this amount, the reward will be a credit and thank you with the donor's name and surname inside the CD booklet. It is clear that all this will happen automatically and even more certainly for donations exceeding this amount. CLARK & DIZZY” …. God bless both of them!!

To support and participate in the crowdfunding campaign for the creation of Dario Cellamaro's CD dedicated to Clark Terry and Dizzy Gillespie CLICK HERE

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